In the framework of our 3rd meeting with our partners in Helsinki, Finland, the students of the 4th, 5th & 6th grades of the Nea Mesimvria Primary School participated in an in-school research to investigate the impact of marketing on child nutrition. Our study of the results led to conclusions, which were presented to the delegations of the other countries. In addition, the 4th grade students, under the guidance of their teachers Vlachoudi Eleni and Tzelepi Eleni, presented within the classroom the meals they chose to bring from home as well as the ones they buy from the school canteen. Then, in collaboration with our school’s English teacher Mrs. Armen Aphrodite, they created a diptych regarding the school canteen, which was created by the children themselves.
Finally, evaluating the food they choose for breakfast we discussed about the foods that benefit our body and at the end the students gave us a tip to adopt a healthier lifestyle. At this point we should say a big thank you to Mrs. Delli Eleni for her valuable help in editing the video.
Enjoy by clicking on the link below!