5th Erasmus+ Meeting in Wales…Cardiff!


On the 2nd day of our stay in Wales we visited the open-air St Fagans National Museum of History, on the outskirts of the capital Cardiff, which includes historic buildings that were transported there piece by piece from all over the country, such as a farm, a tannery, mills, a grocery store, a chapel, a cultural centre and many more others scattered in a spacious green area! We were thus given the opportunity to learn information about Welsh life from the 18th century to the present day! Our tour also included an amazing walk through the famous Welsh capital city centre and a visit/guided tour of Cardiff Castle with its imposing walls, where the backdrop was the palace, the dragon, the tower/watch tower and the countless daffodils that were planted all around – all symbols of the Principality of Wales! We then visited the Mac Arthur Glen shopping centre to shop for our gifts and the day ended with dinner at the traditional Twelve Knights restaurant where we had the chance to sample local cuisine! It had been a day full of unforgettable life experiences for all of us!