“When I grow up I want to be…” (WIGU)


  • Acquaintance and familiarization of students with all European countries and especially with our corporate countries in the Erasmus program (flags, capitals, population, history, geography, national food, culture, solidarity, etc.) in a playful way.
  • Students’ contact with the languages of the developing countries, comparison of languages with each other and finding of similarities and adverbs.
  • Familiarity with the partner countries and the goals of our Erasmus + program on “WIGU”.


  • Students were introduced to various games and quizzes from the “Europe Corner” website as well as puzzles from the “Jigsaw Puzzles” website.
  • Grade A and B students made ErasmusDays’ graffiti posters and played memory games (Match the flag!), made EU puzzles and explored the map of Europe and the sights of each country (Match the landmarks!) .
  • 5th and 6th grade students played the electronic board game “Let’s explore Europe” with questions about geography, history, economy, culture (and cultural heritage) as well as the solidarity of European countries.
  • The students of the 3rd-6th grades created an iconographic dictionary of professions in the 5 languages of the cooperating countries. They compared the languages, found common words and found similarities especially between Italian and Spanish.
  • 6th grade students discovered and drew international words with Greek roots.
  • Presentations from last year’s Erasmus + school activities and testimonials – testimonials from colleagues who traveled to Wales last year.