This is the second time in a row that we take part in #ErasmusDays celebration and organise actions and activities. This year we decided to give our country’s mark across Europe by reviving ancient Olympic sports and outdoor games with our students and by organizing presentations of sports-related professions, as our Erasmus+KA229 project is related to children’s entrepreneurship entitled “When I grow up I want to be..”(WIGU).

Logo Competition

Our students took part in the competition for the best #Erasmusdays2021 logo!

The winner

The winner logo

Ancient outdoor games (statuettes and blindfolds) by our 1st & 2nd graders

100m. and 200m. speed races by our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders

Ancient Olympic sports (100m races, discus, javelin, wrestling) by our 6th graders