Catalan is a language that belongs to the Romance languages. The Romance languages are those languages derived from the Latin. They are the evolution of Vulgar Latin that is the popular language full of linguistic varieties. The Catalan language is spoken by over nine million people in Spain (Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, the Valencian Community and the Fringe of Aragon), France (Roussillon), Andorra and Italy (Alghero).


CATALONIA is almost triangular in shape, it consists of a predominantly mountainous area, including the Pyrenean chain. In the center there is a part of the Segre river basin, the main Catalan river.
The other major rivers are the Llobregat and the Ter, whose plains, along with those of the Segre and the Ebro and the coastal selvage, constitute the flat areas of the region. Part of the territory is protected by the Aigüestortes National Park.
The climatic conditions are varied: it passes from an alpine type climate in the Pyrenees to a Mediterranean climate on the coast and, to a continental type in the central depression. Catalonia is one of the most populated regions of Spain; in particular in the province of Barcelona. On Barcelona there are numerous cities (Sabadell, Terrassa, Badalona).                  

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The Catalan flag, in Catalan (Senyera) is a vexillological symbol formed by 4 red bands on a golden field symbol of the Aragon monarchy.

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Catalonia is an autonomous community of Spain, with capital Barcelona. Originally inhabited by independent Iberian societies, from the eighth to the sixth century BC, it was under the influence of the Phoenicians and later of the Greeks. In the third century it was conquered by the Carthaginians and then by the Romans. It was part of the province of Spain and then of the Tarraconensis. Invaded by the Visigoths in the fifth century and seized by the Arabs in the eighteenth century, at the end of the eighth century it was liberated by Charlemagne. Between the ninth century and the twelfth century its history is identified with that of the county of Barcelona which, in its expansion process,
included the entire region with Count Raimondo Berengario IV century.


Music in Spain has always been a true tradition for the whole nation. Surely there have been in the past a series of rhythms that over time have become differentiated, specialized and become characteristic of the region, as in the case of the jota, characteristic music of Aragon, which was used in Spain in ancient times as a dance.
In general, all types of traditional music originate between the 1800s and 1950s. Among the most important genres there are: flamenco, copla, cuplé, fandango, isa canaria, la jota, la muñeira, paloteos or balls de bastons, the pasodoble, the pardicas, the rebolada, the sardana, the verdiales and the First Dance.

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The traditional cuisine of Catalonia is very varied, ranging from fish-based dishes along the coast to meat-based dishes, in fact it is one of the main pig producers. Spanish cuisine is strongly linked to the most ancient traditions, in fact it is based on fresh ingredients from the Mediterranean coast, including vegetables such as tomatoes, aubergines , artichokes, mushrooms and garlic, wheat products, olive oil, wines, legumes such as beans and chickpeas, pork, chicken and lamb, cheeses and many types of fish, such as sardines, anchovies, tuna and cod. Especially used in Catalan cuisine is pepper, used in many dishes, both with meat and with fish. Some typical dishes of Catalunya are: Pamb tomaquet, Tortilla de patatas, Canelons, Paella, Botifarra…

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Catalonia is a part of Spain whose capital is Barcelona. In Catalonia there are several famous monuments like the Sagrada Familia which is an historic church. Plaza de Catalunya is the main square, in fact, it is very large.
In the city there are many car parks and natural areas. An example is Park Güell which is a garden with many particular monuments. There are lots of main roads like the Rambla, where there is an important market and a museum.

La Rambla, Barcelona's famous promenade
La Ramla, Barcelona’s famous promenade


Antoni Gaudì was an architect and designer figure of Modernism in Spain. He lived in Terragona in Catalunya . Gaudì was born in the period of economic revival and cultural liveliness of Catalunya. This lead Gaudì to begin studies at the high school architecture . In the middle of his school career he decided to work with different foremen.

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The famous Sagrada Familia Cathedral, designed by Antonio Gaudi

Álvaro Soler born in Barcelona and raised in Spain and Japan, discovers music as a teenager, thanks to karaoke. He begins to write his own songs, accompanying himself with piano and guitar. But it is by participating in the Spanish edition of Tú sí que vales that Álvaro really enters the world of music, as keyboardist of the band Urban Lights. Some of his songs are: El mismo sol, Sofia, Cintura…

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