Our goal is to ensure that pupils are aware of what they can achieve  by having high aspirations and goals no matter who they are or where they come from. They still have the opportunity to shine. This is a pupil centered project. Our aim is to enhance the quality and the depth of education of the partner schools and not to disrupt the balance of the national curriculum set up in individual countries. Being part of this project will not be treated as a separate workload, but it will be implemented as an extension of the curriculum.
When preparing this project the focus was on the important social aspects of each partner’s curriculum. The aim is to strengthen those aspects with concrete meaningful activities that will give the pupils a purpose to carry out. We are aware of the different curriculum obligations in each country, and in the preparatory meeting, all the curricular needs were discussed and we focused on the ones which are feasible for us all. Each partner schools along with pupils will prepare and exhibit their project/activities in a “Made in……. fair/exhibition” at the National Assembly of Wales – celebrating and sharing their links with business and industry along with sharing information of their own entrepreneurial skills.